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HCS CCRPI Scores Show Promising Results Most Notably in Elementary and High School Performance

HENRY COUNTY, GA – The first fully-informed College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) since 2019 was released on Dec. 14, affording insights into school and district performance across the state of Georgia and throughout Henry County Schools. 

District-wide highlights from the 2023 reporting cycle include:

  • A total of 16 elementary schools, two middle schools, and three high schools showed increased Content Mastery performance from 2022 to 2023.
  • High schools outperformed the state on Progress indicators, with a scaled score of 85.6 compared to the state’s 79.2.
  • The scaled Graduation Rate, which includes four- and five-year rates, increased slightly from 87.8 in 2022 to 87.9 in 2023.
  • Overall Content Mastery increased at the elementary school level by 0.4, while subject matter-specific increases were seen in mathematics (+2.4) at the elementary level and English language arts (+0.2) at the middle school level from 2022 to 2023.

“We are pleased that we continue to see signs of momentum across the district related to CCRPI scores that we have previously seen in this year’s graduation rates and Georgia Milestones,” said Superintendent Mary Elizabeth Davis. “These positive outcomes are a testament to the tireless efforts of 6,000 teachers and staff who have rallied around the mission of ‘Winning for Kids’ this school year, as we seek to provide every student in Henry County Schools with a high-quality, world-class education.”

The sixteen elementary schools that noted increases in Content Mastery from the 2022 school year, include Austin Road (+3.2), Dutchtown (+3.1), Flippen (+1.6), Hampton (+3.5), Locust Grove (+2.8), Luella (+4.8), Mt. Carmel (+2.7), New Hope (+3.5), Oakland (+7.7), Pleasant Grove (+1.5), Rocky Creek (+0.8), Smith-Barnes (+9.4), Timber Ridge (+3.3), Tussahaw (+1.4), Wesley Lakes (+1.7), and Woodland (+0.8). 

Similarly, elementary schools in HCS also saw performance that outpaced the state’s average of 64.7 in Content Mastery, including East Lake (74.8), New Hope (67.7), and Timber Ridge (73.4). Additionally, New Hope Elementary surpassed pre-pandemic performance, improving to 67.7 in the indicator compared to 67.2 in 2019.

One Henry County school – Timber Ridge Elementary – outperformed state averages in all four elementary CCRPI components in 2023. 

“Timber Ridge has always been a place where students come first,” said Timber Ridge Principal Holly Williams. “The commitment of our teachers and leadership to ensuring that all students thrive in an environment that maximizes opportunities, access, and outcomes to produce excellent results was reflected in our CCRPI results, and we renew our commitment to exceeding our 2023 performance in 2024.”

Additionally, four elementary schools – Fairview, New Hope, Red Oak, and Stockbridge – ensured 100% participation for all Milestones assessments in 2023.

Middle schools also saw Content Mastery growth from 2022, including Luella (+2.2) and McDonough (+6.6). Two middle schools – Ola (63.9) and Union Grove (70.9) – outperformed this year’s state average in Content Mastery of 60.9.

Three high schools showed improvements in Content Mastery, including Dutchtown (+0.8), Eagle’s Landing (+1.8), and Excel Academy (+8.8). Both Excel Academy (+2.2) and Hampton (+1) showed improved performance over their pre-pandemic indicator from 2019.

Eagle’s Landing High School, which recently outperformed the state’s four-year graduation rate, also outperformed the state in Closing Gaps (+1 compared to the state average) and Progress (+10 compared to the state average).

Under the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), each U.S. state is required to have a statewide accountability system that complies with federal requirements, providing information on how well schools are performing. The CCRPI meets that requirement in Georgia, as well as satisfies requirements for school accountability in state law.

Since the first significantly COVID-19-disrupted school year of 2020, the CCRPI has slowly made a return to informing local results with state and federal accountability systems.

Last year’s reporting – the first since 2019 – only included Content Mastery and Readiness indicators for elementary and middle schools, while high schools also included Graduation Rate data.

This year’s CCRPI reintroduced two key categories informing student and system growth – Closing Gaps and Progress. 

CCRPI no longer includes an overall 0-100 score for schools, districts, or the state. This change was first implemented in 2022 under an addendum received from the U.S. Department of Education and made permanent this year under an amendment to Georgia’s ESSA plan.

Each CCRPI component – Content Mastery, Progress, Closing Gaps, Readiness, and Graduation Rate for high schools – still has a 0-100 score. The change was made to increase transparency and provide a more complete picture of school performance, ensuring that challenges and opportunities are not hidden behind a single score.

“CCRPI is the state accountability tool that measures how well schools and districts are providing a high-quality education,” said Chief Learning and Performance Officer Termerion McCrary. “We are very pleased with the bright spots identified in Henry County Schools’ 2023 CCRPI report and remain committed to continuously improving opportunities, access, and outcomes while also providing a world-class education to all students.”

Due to pandemic disruptions and changes in CCRPI calculation, some CCRPI data are not comparable year over year. 

Content Mastery and Graduation Rate are comparable between 2022 and 2023. However, Readiness scores are not comparable from 2022 to 2023, because the attendance and college and career readiness indicators were not calculated in 2022 and changes were made to align the literacy indicator to the metric already used for Georgia Milestones in 2023. Additionally, Progress and Closing Gaps were not calculated in 2022 due to pandemic-related data limitations.

Click here for the Georgia Department of Education’s press release and data. To access 2023 data, visit, or click here to view the data in spreadsheet form.

About Henry County Schools

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HCS is “In Pursuit of Exceptional,” taking action to advance opportunities, access, and outcomes so that every student in our school district has Exceptional Support, Exceptional Access, and an Exceptional Future. In 2020, our Board of Education adopted our 2021-2026 Community-Inspired Strategic Plan and laid out a clear vision and mission for Henry County Schools. Our vision is to ensure a high-quality, world-class education for every student, and our mission is to empower all students with exceptional opportunities and access that lead to success in a global society.