•  Welcome to the Nutrition and Food Science
    Teacher's Name: Priscilla Winters
    Subjects Taught : Food,Nutrition,and Wellness
                           Food For Life
                           Food Science 
    Office Hours : 7:45AM - 8:15 AM and 3:15 -3:45 PM
    Work Hours:  7:45 AM - 3:45 PM
    My Planning period (Off hour) 8:15-9:35 AM
    The students are asked to go onto google classroom daily to get any of the class assignments.Please use your school-issued Chromebook.

    Welcome to the Family and Consumer Science pathway. I am a part of the Career,Techinal, and Agricultural Education team at Dutchtown High School. I have been teaching in this career path for over 12 years in middle and high school. 
    Students taking the Nutrition and Food Science classes will prepare them for careers in the culinary industry, and develop practical skills for employment. My objective is for each student to learn how to prepare safe and healthy snacks and meals for their family and friends.
    I am looking forward to trying out new recipes in the food lab, building more knowledge in health and wellness, with a touch of science in this near year.