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     Course Description (Nutrition & Wellness Pathway):
    Those working in the food and nutrition field help people lead healthier lives through a balanced diet. These people plan food and nutrition programs and supervise the preparation and serving of meals. They help prevent and treat illnesses by promoting healthy eating habits and by recommending dietary modifications. Other job opportunities in this field include managing food service systems for institutions, such as hospitals and schools; and promoting sound eating habits through education and conducting research. Food scientists analyze food to determine what causes it to break down or spoil. They focus on the safe preservation and processing of food, as well as the nutritional value.
    Dieticians and nutritionists need at least a bachelor’s degree in dietetics, foods and nutrition, food service systems management or a related area. Those interested in research, advanced clinical positions or public health may need an advanced degree. Licensure varies by states, but 31 states do require licensure of dieticians.
    Nutrition jobs are found in hospitals, nursing care facilities, outpatient care facilities, offices of physicians and other health practitioners, correctional facilities, health departments and other health‐related areas.
    Employment in this field is expected to grow faster than average through 2020, as a result of the increasing emphasis on disease prevention through improved dietary habits. A growing and aging population will increase the demand for meals and nutritional counseling in hospitals, residential care facilities, schools, prisons, community health programs and home health care agencies.

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