• "Real Work" Completion Plan
    Many students and parents ask about how can they tell how much work they should be doing on a daily basis, or even weekly.  Many use the progress bar to measure daily work.  Usually 1% - 1.5% per day is the usual course of action. 
    There is another way to look at your progress and what you should be accomplishing, especially if you are behind and are tired from looking at the RED bar every day in Edgenuity.  
    1.  Download this Excel spreadsheet:  Real Work Plan
    2.  The courses and numbers listed are just for example.  You can fill in the chart with your own information.
    3.  Log into the SIS, and click on a course link.
    4.  Find your Progress Report in the Course Lobby under the Organizer button / Reports.
    5.  Looking at each course, there is a chart below the progress bars.  Number of quizzes = number of lessons.  Determine how many you have remaining by subtracting the Total from the number Taken.  Put that number in the spreadsheet for that course.  Do the same thing for Tests, but add one more for the Exam.  Ditto for Labs/Essays/Projects.  Each of these categories takes about a hour/day to complete, including whole lessons to get to the quiz.  
    6.  Put in the remaining number of days left in the school semester.  Use a calendar and count only the 5 school days in the week, backwards from the last day of the semester to today. 
    7.  The chart will auto-calculate how many of those activities per day and per week you should be doing!  Most of the time, it will not be above 1 per day, or 5 per week, which is very reasonable and will help you get caught up without stressing over the RED progress bar. 
    Happy goal-setting!