•  Kimberly Benson

    Welcome to 8th grade Mathematics

     Ms. Benson

        Welcome parents and students.   I am really excited about our school year.  Starting Thursday, August 6, we will begin studying transformations. In this Geometry unit, students will learn about each type of transformation: rotation, reflection, translation, and dilation. Students will need to activate their prior knowledge of the coordinate plane system. This includes knowledge of each quadrant, how to label the x-axis and the y-axis and the origin.  It is imperative that students study their notes each night . Normally, homework is assigned on a nightly bases.  No homework is given over the weekend.  However, students may take the opportunity to organize their notebook, rewrite their notes, and read over their notes.  
       Notebooks should be arranged with the following section dividers:  classwork, homework, graded papers, vocabulary.  You may check the graded paper section of the notebook for weekly graded assignments.  The classwork section of the notebook should contain all the notes and daily assignments.  These papers should be headed with the student's name, date, and class period.  The notes should have a title.  The section should be arranged by date.  Newest to oldest.  Students should keep their notes for the entire year.
       When students are absent, it is expected that the students' make up any missed assignments.  Students should check with a classmate when you return to copy the notes and warm up for that day.  I will distribute any other material that was missed.
       Please feel free to contact me via email:  kimberly.benson@henry.k12.ga.us or phone :  770-515-7500.  Conferences may be scheduled as follows:  Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 12:45-1:45.  I look forward to working together to ensure the success of all our students.