• Tips for Online Learning Success

    Organization Tools:
    What can you do to support your student from home?
    1)   Use your parent account to check their Attendance record.  You can see exactly which activities are being completed and the amount of time spent.  Large amounts of “idle time” are signs of logging in on the computer, but then doing something other than the lesson.  If you haven’t activated your parent account, CLICK HERE
    2)   Help your child establish a daily routine.  Set a schedule of when s/he will work on each course.  Students who are successful in this program typically log into each course for an hour each day.  To get caught up, make it a priority to spend at least 8 hours per day doing school work.
    3)   Celebrate successes!  As a rule of thumb, the “Complete” grade should go up a few points each day.  As this number gets closer to the “Target Completion” you’ll start to see an improvement in the “Actual Grade”.  Encourage your child to focus on their progress and not the fact that their Actual Grade may still be lower than desired.
    4)   Encourage breaks, exercise, and a healthy diet.  Research shows that we learn best when we feel our best. 
    5)   Help with your child stay organized.  S/he should have a designated notebook for each subject area notes and practice problems.  Students should never take a math assessment without scratch paper, and students can use video notes on quizzes.