•  Welcome to Art class!    Creativity Takes Courage

    In the art room, the goal is life-long learning in the arts while learning skills and creating artworks we would be proud of displaying. We have moved to using Graduation Competencies based on the GA Performing standards and translating them into Georgia standards of Excellence. Our standards for art can be found on the GeorgiaStandards.org site. We will spend time in class exploring art and artists, techniques and building skills, and creating artworks for personal and community display.  Students will have multiple opportunities to create and display their artwork in school and in the community. Look for information on this webpage and also from your student about those possibilities.
    The Art Classroom....
    As a community of artists, we use not only creativity and artistic skill in the art room, but also our critical thinking abilities. We will spend time looking at art as a form of visual communication and how artists from around the world successfully use art to express their thoughts, feelings, and knowledge.
    As your student works through the class, there may be times when they are eager and other times when they are frustrated. This is a normal cycle in art as we learn our own way to communicate visually and develop our own style. Art is a life-long passion that can create great results for those who persevere! Encourage your student to keep trying even if it is difficult. Struggle in life will create the best artwork because it is sincere and respected by the creator of the artwork.
    The role of the art teacher....
    As always, I am eager to help my students have positive and successful experiences in the art room. Periodically, I will send home student summary updates about student progress, but you can access your students' grades on Infinite Campus through the parent portal if you have questions or are interested.
    If you have any questions or would like to meet with me, please email me at Christine.Thompson@henry.k12.ga.us . 
    We will be using GOOGLE CLASSROOM to submit digital images of completed work, planning, evidence of mastery of skills, as well as getting resources offered for assignments and projects. This allows us to submit drawing practice digitally, get additional copies of handouts, class work, and also the ability to contact me outside of class for extra help or questions. The GOOGLE CLASSROOM portal is the way students will submit work from their sketchbook and also document completion of projects with supporting evidence of assignment requirements

    Art Supplies and Syllabus for class...

    It is important for an artist to have a place to work and express him or herself. A sketchbook is the ideal visual journal! See the details about supplies needed on the tab on the website. Comp Art 1 Mixed Media Sketchbooks can be purchased at stores such as Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and some office supply stores.

    Please see details about sketchbook requirements on the class syllabus. Additional syllabus can be printed off the class handouts page.