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    Middle School Courses 


    *courses subject to change

    6th Grade Academic Courses

    Math 6

    English/Language Arts 6

    Earth Science 6

    World Studies 6

    7th Grade Academic Courses

    Math 7

    English/Language Arts 7

    Life Science 7

    World Studies 7

    8th Grade Academic Courses

    Math 8

    English/Language Arts 8

    Physical Science 8

    Georgia Studies 8

    Early High School Courses (available for 8th Graders ONLY)

    GSE Algebra 1

    Physical Science


    Personal Fitness

    Chinese (Mandarin) I

    Spanish I

    French I

    Latin I    

    Electives Courses

    The following courses are offered as semseter long (18 week) courses and are available for 6th, 7th, and 8th grades:


    Middle Grades Spanish (Edgenuity)

    The Spanish elective courses are designed as beginner level courses to expose students to basic concepts in the Spanish language. Students will explore the Spanish language through listening, speaking, reading and writing activities and games. Additionally, students will become familiar with the culture through music, art, history, foods, festivals, and notable Hispanics. These courses do not count for high school credit.

    Art  (Schoology)

    The Middle School Art classes explore art by examining the work of historical and contemporary artists and responding, in some cases, by making art in a similar style or with the same process or subject matter. These classes encourage creativity through a variety of activities while exploring such concepts as linear perspective, facial proportions and shading and watercolor techniques, just to name a few. Students are asked to create works of art in a variety of media. 


    Physical Education (Edgenuity)

    Physical Education is a content based course with required physical fitness activities which are self reported through the student fitness log requirement. The content based portion of this course explores: safe exercising and injury prevention; cardiovascular health; muscular strength and endurance; flexibility; nutrition and weight management; lifetime fitness; consumer product evaluation; biomechanical principles; team and individual sports; and stress management. Students are provided optional Exercise Sessions on campus during cafe days and other times/locations arranged by the teacher. Students will receive credit for these sessions by earning course content removal.


    Skills for Adolescence (Schoology)

    The Middle School Skills for Adolescents courses discuss the social and emotional learning processes that are necessary in the growth and development of our middle grades students today.  Our students will learn how to acquire the skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions while learning many other life skills necessary in a digital society.


    Computer Science (Schoology)

    The Middle School Computer Science courses aim to develop computational thinking and build student excitement about computing. Through a project-based computer science curriculum, students will engage in both online and offline hands-on activities that reinforce concepts such as programming, algorithms, digital literacy, and networking just to name a few. Students will also build career awareness about computer science skills across all fields.


    Communications (Schoology)

    Middle School students have the choice of taking performance based elective courses on-site at their zoned school. If students choose to take any performance based course at their zoned school, transportation will not be provided by Impact Academy.