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     Math Team Sponsor:   RAJESWARI NARASIMHAN 
    2023 Griffin Resa

    e-mail: rajeswari.narasimhan@henry.k12.ga.us

    The purpose of the Math Team is to enable students to solve critical thinking questions and also to win all the Math Competitions. This is an extracurricular club and the membership is done through the application process and the teacher's recommendations.

    We won the Griffin Resa Math competition in 2013, we won Griffin Resa third place in 2014, and in 2017 we won Griffin Resa third place. We won the team award in level II at the University of West Georgia Math competition in 2017 and also, and one of the students, Andi Bui won the scholarship for his score at the University of West Georgia Math competition. 

    During the school year 2018- 2019 district-level competition, my team of students made extreme efforts to win the following awards.  

      1) Dagam Kong won 4th place for an Individual achievement award

      2) Johnathan Nguyen won third place for an Individual Achievement award.

     3) We won third place in the Junior Varsity team award in the Henry County division.

     4) We won third place in the Varsity team award in the Henry County division. 

    • In the year  2019-2020, we went to the Luella High School District math competition in which our JV Team won first place in the district!!
      • Hyoyeon Kong won 7th place in the state, including first place in the district and the overall championship award!
      • Nora Ratemeyer won 3rd place in the district!
      • Diem-My Dang won 4th place in the district!
      • Kayla Dang won 5th place in the district!
      • Hamna Khan, Om Patel, Ishika Patel, and Samuel Mcclarn were also on the team.
      • We attended the University of West Georgia math competition. Over 200 students from different counties across Georgia participated in the UWG state-level Math competition on March 6th. They competed at each level: Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, and AP Calculus. They needed to participate in the individual contest, team problem-solving, and ciphering.
        • 1) Max Ratmeyer won third place in the Pre-Calculus competition
        • 2) Diem-My Dang won first place in the Algebra competition. 
      • In the 2020-2021 school year, we won the regional second place competing with a larger group of schools.
         Maxmilian Ratmeyer, Nelson Ha, Ruhi Patel, Diem-My Dang and Isiah Nogal
      • Diem-My Dang is the only state finalist of GHP in the Henry County School District.

      •        The following students attended the Griffin Resa Math Competition today at the regional level on March 24, 2022. They won third place and brought the award to our school.


        Diem-My Dang, Isiah Nogal, Nora Ratmeyer, Mary Chu, and Johnathan Nguyen
        • We won the Griffin Resa Regional-level math competition in March 2023.

          Kayla Dang, Leric Franco II, LeMy Dang, Palash Patel, and Landon Dang


        • We won the Griffin Resa Regional Level math competition in March 2024.LeMy Dang, Mazhar Sheik, Landon Dang, Thien Nguyen, Ikechi Okwuadigbo 
        • 2023-2024 MATH TEAM PICTURES LINK               https://vault.myvzw.com/webcs/n9RHw0tlpi

    The math team meets in room 213 every Tuesday, and math team members prepare for Math competitions.

    Looking forward to a great year.

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