• Welcome to the Dutchtown High School FFA Page

     The Dutchtown High School FFA chapter consists of over 135 students.  We conduct monthly meetings which are generally held on the last Thursday of every month.  The meetings begin immediately after school and last until 3.45-5:30 pm.  An important component of our chapter is career development events (or CDEs) in which our members compete in the different career development activities which include public speaking, floral design employment skills and others. These events are hosted at the region and state levels and allows for our members to compete against other high schools in the state.   
     Three different degrees can be earned through FFA while in high school. First, the Greenhand Degree is earned after the first year of Ag classes by meeting certain requirements. Second, is the Chapter degree. Earned after the Greenhand, the Chapter degree has a slightly more challenging set of criteria. After the Chapter, one can earn the State FFA Degree. Based on a member's SAE and participation in the FFA Chapter, the State degree is awarded at the State Convention in April. After the State degree is earned and a member has graduated high school, they can continue on and earn their American Degree which is given at the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis in October. The American Degree is the highest award one can receive in the FFA.
    Dues:  The Dutchtown High School FFA Chapter is an affiliated chapter.  This means that the chapter covers each students dues.  In order for this to happen, our chapter has to raise money in the form of sponsorships and fundraisers.  We have been blessed with wonderful sponsors in the past who have helped us achieve this.  We also rely on members to help with fundraisers.  Our two fundraisers in the fall and a greenhouse plant sale in the spring were successful pre-COVID19 but it is going to be challeging to hold successful sales in this season.
    Plan to attend our next meeting to learn more about what the FFA has to offer! 
Last Modified on August 7, 2020