• Welcome to the  Dutchtown High School English Department. Our goal as teachers is to provide a rigorous, challenging, and relevant English curriculum that will prepare students for college and career readiness.  No matter what grade or course level, each and every student at DHS must develop a consistent habit of reading, writing, and speaking. Our goal as English educators is to  encourage our students  to take advantage of classroom experiences and to develop work ethics that will enable them to transfer the mastery of these skills into their careers and life beyond the classroom.
    If you have any questions about our expectations about the English department's expectations, don't hesitate to contact your teacher.
    Teachers :
    Ms. Tammekia Johnson, Department Chair
    Literature and Composition (10th)
    British Literature (12th) and World Literature (10th)
    Mrs. M. Holmes
    Mr. N. Jefferson
    Literature and Composition (9th)
    Literature and Composition (9th) and American Literature (11th)
    Honors World Literature and World Literature (10th)
    Honors British Literature (12th)
    World Literature (10th)
    British Literature and Honors British Literature (12th) and AP Literature and Composition (12th)

Last Modified on August 2, 2022