The beginning of a new school year is exciting in many ways. We look forward to a fresh start as we plan learning opportunities for the year. The most important thing a student can bring to art is a willingness to try their best. Artwork does not need to be perfect in order to be good art. Artwork communicates a message, a feeling, or an idea. Sometimes artwork is created just to learn a process. Experimentation happens in art just as it does in science. Students will develop preferences for materials, styles, and subject matter. They may not love it all. That is okay. There is something in the world of art for everyone. We will focus on encouraging our classmates to find their preferences as we learn.

    I'm looking forward to drawing, painting, and getting messy. You might want to look around the house for an old shirt to wear over your clothes or wear something dark on art days.
    See you soon!       
    Mrs. Willard
    Always Remember to Try!
Last Modified on July 22, 2023