• Visitors
    For the safety and security of all students and staff, all exterior doors will remain closed and locked
    throughout the school day. All visitors entering our campus will be required to show photo
    identification prior to entering the front office. This will be required any time you are entering the
    building during the school day, regardless of your intended purpose for visitation. Please be patient

    with our front office staff throughout the verification process and allow yourself some additional time
    when planning to retrieve your student(s) for a doctor’s appointment or otherwise.
    Parents are encouraged to visit the school for conferences and school activities. For the protection of
    our children and the integrity of the instructional program, all parents and visitors must check in at
    the school office for classroom visits and volunteer work. Visitors must wear a visitor’s badge while at
    the school. Photo Identification is required and will always be checked prior to entering the
    building, even if you are a frequent visitor. There are no exceptions to this rule. Once permitted to
    enter through ID check, adults must report to the location designated for the visit. (i.e. cafeteria for
    lunch, media center for book fair, etc.) Adults may NOT roam the school, use student restrooms, or
    visit the classroom without permission from administration.

    The following procedures are delineated to assure fair and equitable access to our school:
    ● All classroom observations must be pre-arranged through administration at least one day in
    advance and are subject to classroom schedules.
    ● Observations are limited to two adult observers at a time.
    ● Younger siblings are not allowed during an observation. (We do not provide childcare
    ● Observers must respect the confidentiality of all students within the classroom setting;
    therefore, no pictures, no video, or personally identifiable information may be shared.
    ● A staff member may be assigned to accompany the observer during the visit.
    ● Observations are limited to twenty minutes and should occur no more than one visit per
    school week.

    Lunch Visitors
    ● Parents / Guardians are welcome to eat lunch with their child.
    ● With written permission from the enrolling parent, other people listed as an emergency
    contact in Infinite Campus may visit for lunch.
    ● Only two adults are permitted to eat lunch with your child due to limited spacing.
    ● Parents (or designee) and their child are required to sit at the visitor’s table. (Not at the child’s
    class table.)
    ● Only your child may sit with you at the visitor’s table. (no classmates or friends)
    ● Visitors may not bring food for other students or classmates. (including cupcakes, pizza, or
    other food items)
    ● Parents / Visitors may not visit the classroom or playground before or after lunch..
    ● Students have a 30 minute lunch period. Students may NOT have extra time because of
    visitors, even if the visitor was late arriving.
    ● Student meal prices are $1.25 breakfast and $2.50 lunch. Milk is $0.50
    ● Reduced meal price for those who qualify breakfast $0.30 and lunch $0.40

Last Modified on August 1, 2023