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    David Fekete


    Teacher Name:
    David Fekete
    School Email Address:
    My Daily Schedule:
    Period 1: Plan Hour
    Period 2: Biology (Co-Taught with Ms. Scudder)
    Period 3: Forensic Science (Co-Taught with Ms. Graham)
    Period 4: Biology
    Period 5: Biology (Co-Taught with Mrs. Dwaram)
    Period 6: Forensic Science (Co-Taught with Ms. Graham)

    Period 7: Biology (Co-Taught with Mrs. Dwaram)
    Extracurricular Involvement:
    Gaming Club, Girls Soccer

    The 5 W's and H for Mr. Fekete
    WHO am I? My name is David Fekete, and I was born in Northwest Indiana. I graduated high school in a town called Munster, Indiana. Sometime in the mid 1990s, I graduated from Indiana University. I have a brother and sister; I am the oldest child. I have two awesome cats. Kitty Meow Meow is a 16 pound tuxedo cat. Little Baby is an 11 pound black cat. Their picture is below. 
    WHAT do I do for fun? I like to watch movies and TV, especially comedies and sci-fi shows. During the week I like to play trivia with my friends at local restaurants. Back in 2017, I was part of a trivia team that won a $5,000 first prize at a tournament in Atlanta. My share of the prize money was spent on a plane ticket because I love to travel. I have been to 31 states, 12 European countries, and Canada. 
    WHEN did I come to Woodland High? I have been at WHS since August 2007, the first year the school was open to the community. For 13 years, I was the German teacher at WHS. Since 2020, I have been teaching our ESE students in the Science Department. 
    WHERE have I lived? I was born in the Hoosier State. I moved to Columbus, Georgia for my first teaching job when I was 23. I have attended graduate school in Delaware and Tennessee, and have lived a total of 17 years in Georgia. Henry County has been my home since 2007. 
    WHY do I teach? Watching young people establish goals and succeed is extremely rewarding. I like helping my students navigate challenges in the classroom and in life. I also enjoy working at our school because of the family-like environment we have established over the years. 
    HOW can you contact me? You can reach me quickly by e-mail at my school e-mail address. If you want to speak with me, we can set up a time that works for everyone and we can pursue that route. If you have any questions or concerns about your student's progress during the year, please let me know how I can help. 
    My kitties


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