• Mission

    Fairview Elementary is committed to providing an engaging environment where students achieve academic excellence with the support of all stakeholders.
     Fairview Elementary Goals

    Focus, Expectations, Skills (FES)



    F1: Standards-Based Instruction- Demonstrate consistently the content knowledge, standards, essential questions for the optimal development of all students.


    F2: Higher-Order Thinking- Demonstrate knowledge through questions that embrace complex thought.


    F3: Differentiation of Educational Instruction – Demonstrate how to teach academic instruction using effective differentiation of instruction.


    E1: Building Relationships – Through conferencing and communication build relationship with students, parents, and all stakeholders to ensure quality instruction and assessment of learning.


    E2: Diversity Sensitivity- Demonstrate respect for all learners and cultures and see learning potentials in all students.


    E3: Advocacy: View education as an important process in which all stakeholders are dedicated to improving the educational experience for all students.


    S1: Communication- Demonstrate effective verbal and nonverbal communication to facilitate learning with students, understanding with parents, and documentation of student progress.


    S2: Technology: Incorporate technology applications to promote learning to reach a variety of learners and to ensure educational equity for our students.


    S3: Assessment: use formal and informal assessments to evaluate and assess teaching and learning

Last Modified on November 16, 2016