• Technology Supports Student Achievement

    Information technology must be woven into the fabric of daily teaching and learning. We believe our students deserve a technology-rich learning environment with state-of-the-art computers and equipment.

    Safe Learning Environment

    Recent news reports describing online predators in public libraries caused great concern among parents. The Henry County network is a safe and secure learning environment. The county's technology terms of use policy is strictly enforced. Students may not access chat or web-based email from any school computer. A network Internet filter,Bess, blocks students from visiting inappropriate web sites. We use monitoring software that allows teachers to view the content of each student's computer screen. Teachers guide students as they navigate the Internet, and they teach students how to appropriately use the information found there.

    Online Learning

    Online classes are now available through the Georgia Virtual School and Henry Online Academy. Tuition is free for first time enrollees if the course is taken during regular school hours. Certified teachers from Henry County and across the state teach these online classes. Students who wish to enroll in online classes should see their counselor.

    Academic Labs

    Woodland High School believes that students and teachers should be confident users of information technology. Student learning is enhanced by easy access to online resources in academic classes. Likewise, teaching becomes more relevant and exciting when web-based, interactive information is part of the lesson. Woodland High School is proud of the abundance of state of the art technology available to students and teachers as we strive for full technology integration in our instructional practices.

Last Modified on July 10, 2008