• Parent Observation Policy

    WHS believes:

    • We encourage all parents to observe their children in their classes.
    • We encourage an open door policy.
    • We will not limit the number of classroom observations for parents.
    • We encourage communication between parents, students and teachers throughout the school year.
    • Parents are welcome at anytime.


    We ask that you please:

    • Sign in upon your arrival and sign out upon your departure.
    • Wear your visitors badge at all times.
    • Do not conference with the teachers before, during or after the observation. If you want to conference with the teacher after the observation, please make an appointment with the Counseling Office to do this or email/call the teacher.
    • Observe your child during his/her class period.
    • Provide documentation that you are the child’s parent/guardian.
    • Be a silent observer.
    • Turn off your cell phone while in the classroom.
    • If you have any concerns, please see a School Administrator.


Last Modified on November 4, 2017