room 2023

    "Art Corner--Painting a Bright Future at Wesley Lakes Elementary"

    Greetings to all of my parents and emerging artists! My name is Ms. Brown. I am pleased to be your Visual Arts Teacher. This will be my 8th year serving the wonderful students of Henry County/10th year teaching, and I cannot wait to continue this amazing journey! I am excited to have the opportunity to be a part of your child's creative experiences and cultivate their artistic growth. Throughout the year, I plan to expose your children to a wide range of artists, art styles, and art tools/mediums. I will encourage them to talk intelligently about art and see the beauty in the world around them. We will discuss how art has evolved throughout history and explore multicultural arts/crafts. 

    They will also learn how to use the Elements of Art and Principles of Design and connect that knowledge to every day life, while aligning all of those concepts with the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE). It is my expectation that students will put forth their best efforts while in Art Class. Qualities for success include: a great attitude, desire to learn, curiosity, listening/teamwork skills, creative problem-solving skills, and a sense of exploration. Art serves as a way for your children to have a creative outlet as well as express themselves. It can be fun, relaxing, hands-on, messy, exciting, challenging, and include [potentially] new/out-of-the-ordinary experiences. If you have any questions/concerns throughout the year, or would like to donate to the Art Classroom, please do not hesitate to contact me via email at Erin.Brown@henry.k12.ga.us.



    Best Regards,


    Ms. Erin S. Brown