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    The vision of Union Grove Middle School’s counseling department is to encourage all students to be lifelong learners and problem solvers in their school, home, and community.  With these skills, students will be ready for the challenge of becoming 21st Century leaders.


    The Union Grove Middle School Counseling Program is committed to ensuring 21st century success for each student by working in partnership with parents, community stakeholders, and faculty members to obtain the highest level of student achievement.  It is our mission to align our comprehensive guidance plan with the American School Counselor Association National Model whose objective is for all students to become productive citizens and global leaders.

    School Counselors at Union Grove Middle School believe:
    • All students have the ability to meet or exceed academic standards in each grade level.

    • All students benefit from the implementation of an effective Comprehensive School Counseling Plan.

    • School Counselors are leaders who are responsible for advocating for all students while promoting personal, social-emotional, and academic/career growth and achievement.