• The study skills you need to do well on tests are the same ones you will need to succeed in high school and beyone:
    getting organized, taking good notes and studying effectively.

    First, Find a place to study away from distractions.

    Use a planner to keep track of assignments. Develop a system to keep track of important papers.
    Communicate with your teachers. Ask if you're unsure of anything.
    Estimate how long each assignment will take.
    Break big projects down into smaller ones.
    Highlighting notes, then rewrite them, this uses both sides of your brain. 
    Use Post-its to mark key textbook passages.
    Make study cards, and mapping and diagramming concepts.

    Develop effective memorization methods....list, flash cards, Acronyms/acrostics.


    Test taking skills:

    Read directions carefully, avoid careless errors.

    Answer easy questions first- builds confidence, score points,  may give clues to difficult questions.

    Then do the more difficult questions or those worth more.

    Eliminate those answers you know are wrong, don’t fit or similar to those incorrect.

    Treat each option as a true-false question, and choose the "most true".

Last Modified on August 7, 2020