Interested in Joining Math Team?print this Application and bring it to Ms. Pham 
     For Application please see Ms. Pham
    2020-21 WHS contest dates... 


    Need Georgia Math League Samples? Click the link below.
     Contest #              After School 3:30     or    Before School 7:40 
          1                           Oct ________ 
          2                           Nov ________
          3                           Dec ________
          4                           Jan  ________
          5                           Feb  ________
          6.                          Mar  ________
    Georgia Math League: a sample contest with solutions can be found at http://www.themathleague.com/ml-files/hs_contest_1_2005-06.pdf
    Mandelbrot Math Competitions ...A Practice test with solution can be found at http://www.mandelbrot.org/
    Put on your thinking cap!
    What do we do?
    Ga. Math League and various other H.S. Math Competitions:
    The 6 Ga. Math League Contests are at WHS!
    Need some Ga Math League Practice?
    Ga. Math League Dates: 
     *6 GML contests total!
    3:50-4:20 (30 minute time limit).
    Members must attend 4 or more of the various math contests throughout the school year or they will not receive a certificate at the end-of-year Awards Pizza party (in May).
    How do I become a member? 
    Fill out the application found here
    If you are also applying for Mu Alpha Theta (the math honor society) then your dues are bundled into one payment for both Mu Alpha Theta AND Math Team. 
    If you are applying for Math Team ONLY then you only  need to fill out page 1 of the application, and the signature/teacher recommendation section. 
    Dues for MATH TEAM ONLY are $20.
    Dues for NEW Mu Alpha Theta Members (including Math Team dues) are $50.
    Dues for returning Mu Alpha Theta Members (including Math Team dues) are $40.
    See Ms. Pham if you have questions about Math Team competitions. 
    See Ms.Kendrick if you have any questions about Mu Alpha Theta Info.


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