• Career, Technical and Agricultural Education
    The CTAE program is designed to offer students an education that will prepare them for the careers of the 21st century.
    The Woodland High School CTAE department has one of the finest equipped facilities in the southeast. We are also very proud of the staff that has been assembled for this department.
    Sharon Murray - Health Care Science
    Jaylon Holder -Audio, Video, Technology, and Film 
    Derrick Hicks- Engineering & Technology
    Rudy Tabares-Architectural Drawing/WBL
    Robert Drummond - Agriculture Education
    Brandon Thompson- Business Education
    Torrian Wright - Public Safety
    Heather Franks - Family & Consumer Science
    Dr. Cynthia Walker-Barksdale - Early Childhood Development
    The following is taken from the state department brochure for CTAE:

    Georgia Career, Technical and Agricultural Education— or

    CTAE—has historically provided students with the high quality

    education necessary to prepare for career

    opportunities in the Georgia economy.

    While CTAE has been successful, emerging technologies and

    evolving employer expectations to have a highly qualified,

    motivated, and reliable workforce demand that Georgia

    strategically re-tool CTAE.

    The new vision for CTAE retains its challenging curriculum,

    yet expands the scope to ensure that every Georgia student

    graduates from high school with the academic skills, hands-on

    experience in real work environments, and intensive career

    guidance required to succeed in college and/or employment.


    Aligning CTAE Concentrations

    The dynamic Georgia economy depends on a high-tech,

    high-skill workforce. Unfortunately, employers can’t find

    enough skilled workers in state, so they often recruit from

    other states, regions, and even countries to fill high-paying

    positions located right here in Georgia. Equipping Georgia’s

    workforce and industries to compete in the global marketplace

    requires improving how the state prepares students for life

    beyond high school.

    That is why CTAE is in the process of realigning its

    Program Concentrations and curriculum areas to better

    support the Governor’s Strategic Industries and Innovation

    Centers Initiative (see box at right). By creating a direct

    connection between secondary school education and the

    industries identified as key to Georgia’s future economic wellbeing,

    CTAE can help ensure that all students graduate from

    high school with the academic and career skills required to

    succeed in the 21st-century workplace.

    This reengineering of CTAE’s concentrations, curriculum,

    and Individual Career Pathways is a thoughtful evolution that

    will unfold logically over three years. The goal is to create the

    following eight areas of concentration encompassing the 16

    federal career clusters:

    1. Agriculture
     2. Architecture, Communication & Logistics
    3. Business & Computer Science 
    4. Engineering & Technology
    5. Family & Consumer Sciences
    6. Government & Public Safety
    7. Healthcare Science
     8. Marketing, Sales & Service

    Within each Program Concentration are Career Pathways

    that students can choose to follow. Part of the realignment

    process will include the development of Individual Career

    Plans (ICPs) showing the sequence of courses in each pathway,

    as well as academic requirements and postsecondary options.

    We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology.  ~Carl Sagan
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