• Plan on a Page

    Tussahaw Elementary School


    Mission: To provide an academically rich environment that nurtures the whole child to reach their full potential.


    Motto: Tussahaw Elementary School, where every child is worth the best!


    Vision: We envision a learning community where stakeholders invest their diverse talents to empower each student to create a positive footprint in an ever-changing, global society.


    Beliefs: At Tussahaw Elementary School, we must ignite the inherent curiosity of our students, while exposing them to diverse learning experiences. We further believe that respect begins with an understanding and by learning to see the world from other points of view.  We equip our students with 21st-century skills to enable them to participate as individuals, as members of a group, as citizens of our nation, and as members of the global community. We inspire our students to want to help shape and improve our local and global communities through participation in the Arts, STEM activities, and service-based learning.