Henry County Schools Superintendent Search

  • Beginning with action taken on Feb. 20, 2024, the Henry County Board of Education is currently undertaking a search for the long-term permanent Superintendent of the eighth-largest school district in the state of Georgia. The hiring of a Superintendent is a key responsibility of the Board, who is committed to following a comprehensive process that aligns with Georgia law while keeping the community informed along the way.

    The Board of Education is grounding its search for the next Superintendent of Henry County Schools in the following:

    1. Henry County Schools Compass
    2. Georgia Code and Standards for Effective Governance
    3. Priority Student Outcomes
    4. Community-Inspired Strategic Plan
    5. Reform Policies
      1. Policy BAB: School Board Governance
      2. Policy IAB: Educational Accountability
      3. Policy IB: Instructional Program Goals and Objectives
      4. Policy IFA: Instructional Materials and Content
      5. Policy IFAA: Instructional Materials Selection and Adoption
      6. Policy IFB: Instructional Services
      7. Policy IHA: Grading Systems
      8. Policy IHE: Promotion and Retention
    6. Budget
    7. Superintendent Evaluation

    The most recent communication from the Board of Education can be found below, and all previous messages can be found in the left navigation archived by month.

  • April 15, 2024

    Henry County Board of Education Chair Sophe Pope provides another update to the community on the search for a new Superintendent for Henry County Schools during the April Study Session of the Board. A full transcript of her remarks can be found below the video. 

    We will now move on in our agenda to Item C.1., which is actually a Board Member Item, and I will provide a Superintendent Search Update for all of you.

    We launched in partnership with Georgia School Boards Association, around here referred to as GSBA, our search for our next Superintendent of Henry County Schools on April 1. That can be found on our website under our "Superintendent Search" tab, where you can see all of our updates.

    Following spring break, last week, we also launched a community survey, and this is so important and we need your help. We would love for everyone of you to go to our district website or your own school's webpage and at the top in the banner you will see a link to a community input survey. Your input is so valuable in this process, and we are so grateful for a community who is engaged and interested and so excited with us about the future of Henry County Schools. So I invite you to go and take part in that survey. Be sure to send it to all your friends, your colleagues, all of our community members. It is just so valuable that you participate in that.

    This search will be live -- the application will be live -- until May 12, when that window will close. We are committed, as always, to being transparent and updating you along the way, and I am hopeful and looking forward to this process as we move forward.