Henry County Schools Superintendent Search

  • Beginning with action taken on Feb. 20, 2024, the Henry County Board of Education is currently undertaking a search for the long-term permanent Superintendent of the eighth-largest school district in the state of Georgia. The hiring of a Superintendent is a key responsibility of the Board, who is committed to following a comprehensive process that aligns with Georgia law while keeping the community informed along the way.

    The Board of Education is grounding its search for the next Superintendent of Henry County Schools in the following:

    1. Henry County Schools Compass
    2. Georgia Code and Standards for Effective Governance
    3. Priority Student Outcomes
    4. Community-Inspired Strategic Plan
    5. Reform Policies
      1. Policy BAB: School Board Governance
      2. Policy IAB: Educational Accountability
      3. Policy IB: Instructional Program Goals and Objectives
      4. Policy IFA: Instructional Materials and Content
      5. Policy IFAA: Instructional Materials Selection and Adoption
      6. Policy IFB: Instructional Services
      7. Policy IHA: Grading Systems
      8. Policy IHE: Promotion and Retention
    6. Budget
    7. Superintendent Evaluation

    The most recent communication from the Board of Education can be found below, and all previous messages can be found in the left navigation archived by month.

  • June 10, 2024

    Henry County Board of Education Chair Sophe Pope provides an update to the community during the June 10, 2024, Study Session of the BOE regarding the closing of the application packet processing and evaluation period and the use of community input to assist in moving forward with candidate selections and interview preparations.

    As I mentioned in the previous update, the deadline for applications was May 12. Since then, the Georgia School Boards Association application packet processing and evaluation period has been completed, and the application packets were presented to the Board in an Executive Session on May 30.

    At this point, the Board is using the input and feedback provided by our community via the virtual survey to assist us in moving forward with candidate selections and interview preparations.

    Please feel free to visit our website starting tomorrow for this update, as well as information related to the community survey analysis. And as always, thank you so much for your partnership and your shared excitement for the future of Henry County Schools.

    Related to community survey analysis, the Georgia School Boards Association provided a 23-page Community Engagement Executive Survey, and a visual representation of the survey results can be found below:

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.