Meet Ms. Onwuka





    Attention, Hornets!

    Are you a senior in your family soon to graduate?

    If so, then you’ll want to pay attention to this. 

    My name Ms. Onwuka and I am the new College & Career adviser for Hampton High School.

    My focus is to provide support mainly to seniors on their journey after high school graduation. I helps seniors BE EXCELLENT by helping them pick a plan from the three E’s in Excellent, which are Enrollment in college, Employment in a job, or Enlistment in the military.

    I am a resource for students to know what opportunities they have after graduation. I do this through one on one meetings with students and related events. I assist in college and job applications, scholarships, the FAFSA, resumes, SAT & ACT registration.

    My focus is ONLY on helping students with their plans after graduation.

    I also can help juniors as well, but my focus is seniors first.  

    Keep in mind, I am NOT a guidance counselor that schedules, but instead, a resource for students d to have support for their future.

    I am asking for family engagement and encouragement to be highly present in the lives of each student’s future.

    I will be in classroom 211 and will be meeting with seniors in the coming weeks. If you want more information go to continue looking on this page starting with "start here".

    I look forward to working with all of you! I am happy to be a hornet! 

Adanna's Updated One pager by Adanna Onwuka

I measure  what you do which is college& FAFSA submissions. I measure what I do: one-on-one, family engagement, Financial aid