SRO Jeffrey Perkins

  • SRO Perkins

    My name is Officer Jeff Perkins. I am assigned to the Henry County Police School Resource Officer Division. I have thirty-eight years of Law Enforcement experience. My school experience started with the Clayton County Police Department, where I spent my last four years at the Clayton County Police Department as a School Resource Officer at Jonesboro High School. I started working at DeKalb Schools Police as one of the original staff. I was later promoted to Detective, and I specialized in Crimes against Persons (Children). I became a Sergeant over the Criminal Investigations Divisions, in which I was over seven Detectives, a seven person K-9 Unit and twenty-two uniformed officers. I left DeKalb to work at the Henry County Sheriff’s Office and eventually the Henry County Police Department. I also have a background in training and instructing.

    I find working with students and seeing them develop over their time in the school very rewarding. I also feel that being a positive influence can establish rapport with the younger population that will later benefit the community and develop tremendous role models for the future.