1. Redeliver staff training
    2. Assist with student crisis
    3. Project Linus Coordinator
    4. Be Well SHBP Ambassador
    5. Create behavior action plans
    6. Keeper of the Kindness Locker
    7. Mindset verbal de-escalation trainer
    8. Collaborate with school-based mental health
    9. Assist in securing community partner agreements
    10. Health Education Coordinator for HealthMPowers
    11. Facilitate Educators Thrive Training for new teachers
    12. Monitor the implementation of Second Step/School Connect    
    13. Lead Henry Cares Dashboard by gathering and analyzing data
    14. Coordinate Administration of GA Health Survey/School Climate Survey  
    15. Ensure that every student is connected to a caring adult in the building
    16. Lead the CARE Team by monitoring attendance data, and addressing social, emotional and academic concerns
    17. Provider of trauma and resilience training, coaching, interventions, and resources for children, adolescents, families and communities exposed to trauma.