• Welcome to Henry County Schools

    Henry County Schools is the 8th largest school district in Georgia and 123rd largest district in the United States. HCS is nestled about 20 minutes south of the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and is comprised of 52 schools, including 3 Academies. Over the past 20 years, we have grown in community population from 113,000 residents to over 244,000 residents. Student enrollment since 1999 has grown from 21,000 students to almost 43,000 students. In recent years our number of employees has grown from 3,000 in 1999 to nearly 6,000.

    Henry County Schools is in Pursuit of Exceptional and we are taking action to advance opportunities, access, and outcomes so that every student in our school district has Exceptional Support, Exceptional Access, and an Exceptional Future. In 2020, our Board adopted our 2021-2026 Community-Inspired Strategic Plan and laid out a clear vision and mission for Henry County Schools. Our vision is to ensure a high-quality, world-class education for every student, and our mission is to empower all students with exceptional opportunities and access that lead to success in a global society.

    Henry County Schools is focused on the academic success, feeling of safety and belonging at school, and the overall happiness of every student.

    To ensure students’ academic success, safety, and happiness in Henry County Schools….

    Henry Learns

    In Henry County Schools, high quality and effective teaching and learning practices are central to the mission and vision of the school district. Henry County Board Policy BAB – Henry’s Plan of Action, clearly articulates an Aligned System of Teaching and Learning that defines what we teach and the board-adopted resources used by teachers. Guided by our board-approved Henry Teaching & Learning Standards (HTLS) and a balanced instructional and assessment model, our teachers have the needed resources to provide a high-quality instruction for our 43,000 students. Henry County Schools closely follows the established state standards from the Georgia Department of Education for the development of HTLS across every grade, content area, and course, and can be viewed on our website by clicking here. Additionally, a list of board-adopted instructional resources can be found by clicking here.


    In Henry County Schools, the health and happiness of our students and staff are just as important as our core business of teaching and learning. To foster the feelings of safety, belonging, and happiness in every student and employee, we utilize the support of key resources, dedicated mental health and wellness facilitators, and routine check-ins to quickly respond to the varying needs that may arise from time to time.

    One of these rapid-response opportunities exists in the form of what we call our HenryCares Check-Ins. These check-ins are modeled after the Georgia Health Survey which is administered annually by the Georgia Department of Education. But instead of waiting until the end of the year to learn whether students feel as though their school is safe, that they are connected to their teachers and peers, and whether they have someone who can help them if they need it, we conduct these periodic check-ins. By visiting our HenryCares Check-Ins webpage, you can  sample questions used for insight into the health and wellbeing of our students and staff. To learn general information about the Georgia Student Health Survey, click here.