• To ensure schools are aligned with Henry County’s Strategic Plan, Henry County School’s revised the School Improvement Planning Process for the 2022-2023 school year. The new school improvement plan process ensures school actions are aligned with the Board’s commitments and goals by focusing school efforts on local accountability metrics, namely the Priority Student Outcomes within the strategic plan, as well as state accountability metrics. Further, school continuous improvement plans ensure school efforts focus on implementing the initiatives in the strategic plan to ensure organizational coherence.

  • "Accountability just means that the goals are clear. And when you meet those goals, something happens. Accountability does not mean changing the people when goals are not met, it means the people changing their practice when goals are not met. Accountability's about relentlessly assessing the effectiveness of our practice and humbly adjusting our practice that we either inherited or designed ourselves when results for students are not evident. Accountability is about celebrating wins together and adjusting when we don't meet our shared goals. Accountability is being clear about our pursuit, clear about our communities determined success, and clear about our shared responsibility on behalf of our young people in Henry County. Accountability builds teams that share a mission, and champions that celebrate every team member doing just their part."

    -Superintendent Mary Elizabeth Davis, May 11, 2021

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  • Henry County School’s vision of accountability starts with the Board of Education’s Core Beliefs and Commitments and Goals for the System as articulated within the Strategic Plan. The Board holds the organizational accountable to the shared beliefs and goals through the Superintendent Evaluation. The Superintendent is held accountable to achieving the Priority Student Outcome Goals set by the Board of Education as well as to designing systems that lead to effective implementation of the Strategic Actions, Initiatives, and Tactics articulated within the District’s Strategic Plan.

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    The Superintendent cascades this accountability throughout the organization holding district and school leaders accountable to embodying the district’s Core Beliefs and Commitments, prioritizing and leading the work of the strategic plan, and achieving the system’s goals. This approach ensures there is organizational alignment from the Board room to the classroom.

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    In 2021, HCS developed an Evaluation System for Division Chiefs. The design of this evaluation system ensures the work of Division Leaders is focused on the Strategic Plan. Chief evaluations are designed to hold Chiefs within the organization accountable to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as well as to designing and implementing systems and processes aligned to the work of the strategic plan.

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