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    Henry County Schools is committed to having comprehensive school counseling programs. The Counseling Departments in Henry County Schools are composed of caring, enthusiastic staff who are dedicated to leading our students towards college, career, and life readiness. From the time children enter our schools until they complete 12th grade graduation, the Counseling Departments are there to help make the difficult transitions as smooth and enjoyable as possible. There is a shared passion of seeing students succeed and lead healthy lives, but most importantly, advising children to grow into critical thinkers, collaborators, and creators.  

    School Counseling / School Counseling



    Elementary/Middle School Counselor

    Twyla Wright

    Twyla Wright      770-954-3744 ext. 69135

    Grades 3 - 6

    Middle School Counselor

    Tina Negrin

    Tina Negrin      770-954-3744 ext.69121

    Grades 7 - 8


    High School Counselors

    Sheila Glover

    Sheila Glover      770-954-3744 ext. 69120

    Students with last names A-L

    Book an appointment with Mrs. Glover

    Joan Prisk

    Joan Prisk      770-954-3744 ext. 69147  

    Students with last names M-Z     

    Book an appointment with Mrs. Prisk