• Impact Academy Elementary - Blended

    Impact Academy offers student the opportunity to participate blended instruction with highly qualified teachers. The blended program mixes two days of face-to-face with 3 days of remote learning.  Students work within a daily schedule.

    Day in the Life of a Blended Elementary Student


    Jerome is in 3rd grade participates at Impact Academy Blended. He works within a defined schedule both at school and remotely. Teachers will be engaging with teachers throughout the school day.  School starts at 7:45AM each day and end at 2:30PM. Throughout the day the students will have breaks, lunch and complete some independednt work. Families will work with Jerome to ensure he completes this work.  Jerome has art, music, Spanish, and music while on campus.

    Bus transportation is not provided; therfore, Jerome's family drops him off at school as early as 7:15 and may pick him up at 2:30PM.