• Red Oak Elementary Virtual Learning FAQs


    What will Virtual Learning Look Like?

    • Virtual learning will be taught by HCS teachers
    • Virtual learning teachers will use a variety of research based instructional strategies
    • Students will participate in live and pre-recorded lessons for face to face times with their teachers.
    • Students will be involved in all offered courses in a virtual format
    • Google and Zoom platforms will be the primary platforms for instruction and school interaction.

    Is participation in virtual learning optional?

    • No
    • Attendance, grading, and accountability will be expectations that teachers have for students, similar to traditional school
    • Assessments will be implemented by the district, school, and teachers
    • Students will be held accountable for in class learning

    Will students be provided with access to technology?

    • Yes
    • Kindergarten – second grade students will receive a district issued Ipad.
    • New third grade students will receive their chrome book.
    • Fourth and fifth grade students will continue to use their school issued chrome book computer.

    What if my student receives Special Education services?

    • Virtual learning is available for every student with an IEP.
    • Students will continue to receive the accommodation and modifications set forth in their IEP.
    • Student goals will be addressed as possible via the virtual learning environment.
    • All IEP related meetings will be held virtually.

    What if my student receives 504 accommodations?

    • 504 accommodations will be addressed as possible via the virtual learning environment.

    What if my child received EIP, ESOL, or Gifted Services?

    • Students will continue to receive all services in a virtual learning environment.
    • SST and MTSS meetings will continue as needed in a virtual environment.

    Will ROE have open house?

    • We will have a virtual open house.
    • Your child will find out his/her teacher and curriculum during open house.
    • Please continue to watch the school website and teacher communication pages for updated information on open house.

    Where are supply lists?

    • General grade level supply lists are located on our school home page. Please visit your teacher's specific page for a detailed list, including items needed for virtual learning. 


    **FAQs will continue to be updated as new questions arise**