The 6th grade science curriculum uses Earth Science topics as its focus for students to learn the process skills, content, and concepts that have been identified by the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) as essential for the 6th grade science student. Additionally, the HCS Teaching and Learning Standards and Progressions for Grade 6 are written with the core knowledge to be mastered integrated with the science and engineering practices needed to engage in scientific inquiry and engineering design. Crosscutting concepts are used to make connections across different science disciplines.

     Each student will participate in hands-on experiments and projects, as well as have opportunities for group and individual discovery activities. This exploratory learning method will be combined with the integration of technology, math, real world applications, and writing to provide a solid foundation for 6th grade science. The students keep records of their observations, use records to analyze the data they collect, recognize patterns in the data, use simple charts and graphs to represent the relationships they see, and find more than one way to interpret their findings.