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    Kofi Annan

    Hi my name is Mrs. Martin, and I am excited to be with the Wildcat family again. I have been a parent volunteer with Henry County School System for the past five years, and previously worked with the great staff at Hampton Middle School, and Hampton High School serving on the PTO. I am excited to be starting my third year at Locust Grove Middle.

    I am married and have two wonderful daughters. I enjoy spending time with my family, arts & crafts, decorating, event planning, serving in our communities, and reading.

    My role is within the Instructional Technology Department. I am excited that all of our students have their own technology. As we all know technolgy is not always reliable therefore problems may arise at times, that's were I come in. I look forward to assisting your children with all their technology needs which includes... damages, repairs, instructional one on one time with students, student enrollments, student withdraws, questions, confusions, or any issues with their Chromebooks which may arise. Students are welcome to come visit me with their technolgy concerns with their teachers permission. My office is located in the Media Center in room 119. Students may visit during the hours of 8am-4pm, so feel free to come visit me before school start if you need extra help.


    Please visit site often, as I plan to add many Chromebook Tips and Tricks as well as links which may be useful to you and your children.


    • Always keep your Chromebook in it's Always Protective Case at all times.
    • Never store earbuds, pens, pencils, or objects inside of the case. This may cause the screen to crack.
    • If the handles on your case unravel, become loose, detach, or the zippers breaks please come see me immediately.
    • Try using the Launchpad everytime you log-in. It ties everything together. One Click-it's where the magic happens.
    • Leave your power adapters at home to avoid lost/stole power adapters. Charge your Chromebook nightly while you're sleeping.
    • Please do not try to make any changes to your Chromebooks. They are designed for a specific purpose and are not to be modified.