• TO:                  Parents of students who are waiting for rides after 4:30 PM


    RE:                   Picking Students up in a Timely Manner


    Page 52 of the Secondary Student and Parent Handbook, section Supervision of Students at School states; “The school is not responsible for students on school grounds during any time other than the school day or during school-sponsored events after the school day.”


                            As we continue to grow at Union Grove High School it is vital that students participating in after-school activities are supervised. Students on campus after 4:00 P.M. who are not participating in a school-sponsored activity must wait for their transportation in front of the building. Unsupervised students may not be inside the building after 4:00 p.m. After 4:30 any student not picked up is considered to be in an unauthorized area.

                            Students who are involved in school-sponsored activities must be picked up within 20 minutes of the completion of their activity. All students should be picked up in a timely manner. If this becomes a problem, the student may be removed from the team or not allowed to attend school sponsored activities.


    Please understand this is a school safety issue and we can’t supervise, nor should we supervise students after 4:30 PM. There is no reason for a student who is not involved in an after school activity to be stranded at school without a ride home. All students have access to ride the bus home immediately after school. For those who have been granted permission to “cross attendance lines;” you received information that indicated “Parents of students who are crossing attendance lines must arrange transportation for the children.” At Union Grove High School, we require the “arranged transportation” to pick students up prior to 4:30 PM.




Last Modified on August 22, 2016