• Art Club


    To experiment with a variety of art materials, to help setup shows and displays, and when possible attend Art Show’s in the Atlanta Area.  No prior art experience is necessary!


    Bi-monthly meetings:  Homecoming Parade, club T-shirt, Christmas Child Project, Youth Art Month Activities, and other presentations for art around the school.
    This select group of students have completed Art I and have maintained an A average in the class and an overall B average in their academic course work.   The NAHS is a Nationally recognized Honor Society through the National Art Education Association.  The students who are selected are involved in a variety of art activities to make others aware of the Arts in their environment and culture.  Students are involved in creating art as well as learning about artists and other art forms.  Students are invited to participate in the NAHS State Conference and other activities at the school and in the community.
    2014-2015 UGHS National Art Honor Society

    NAHS Officers


    Vice president—Julia Nguyen

    Secretary— Brooke Barrett

    Publicist—Neil Hancock

    Sponsor—Kirby Meng


    Alexandrea Adams

    Katherine Allen

    Nisma Asif

    Brooke Barrett

    Tyler Bertschin*

    Analia Briceno*

    Amanda Coleman

    Sarah Crumbley*

    Sydney Fielding*

    Laura Foxworth

    Liz Glade

    Neil Hancock*


    Emily Harris

    Amelia Hodges

    Sarah Joiner

    Nikole Keenan

    Megan McConnell

    Erin Moore

    Chelsea Morey*

    Julia Nguyen

    Rayven Pascal

    Jill Pickett

    Natalie Recasner*

    Anastasia Winfield


    * - returning members

Last Modified on November 21, 2014