• Dear Wolverine Students and Parents,

    As we embark on a brand new school year, we would like to share with you one important change concerning our electronics policy at Union Grove High School.  You will be able to find this new policy in the Union Grove High School Addendum to the Henry County Schools Handbook and in the course syllabus for each class. The purpose of the new policy is to make sure that there is no distraction to the learning environment and that every student can be completely focused on academic achievement.

    If a student is in possession of any electronic device (smart phone, smart watch, etc.) that has the ability to send and/or receive text messages and phone calls, and/or access to social media, and/or take photographs and record videos, then those devices must be placed in an assigned pocket of a classroom phone caddy during every class period including instructional focus.  If your child has more than one device (ex: a smart phone and a smart watch), then he/she must put both items in the assigned pocket.

    Students will be allowed to use their devices in the morning in the commons area before first period, between class changes, and during lunches (as long as they are not speaking on the phone or playing music that others can hear).

    Please note that failure to comply with this expectation will result in a discipline referral and appropriate consequences will be given.  Also, UGHS is not responsible for lost or stolen electronic devices. Students are encouraged to leave “non-instructional” personal items at home. The school-issued Chromebooks are the only electronic devices that are needed in the instructional setting.

    We hope that you will support the faculty and staff at Union Grove High School by communicating with your child about the importance of adhering to this new policy and having the best school year yet!



    Ryan Meeks