• Hello Wolverine family!

    Welcome to my page! I have been a Speech Language Pathologist in Henry County Schools for 15 years now and have worked with pre-k students all the way through high school. This is my 4th year working in the Union Grove district, but I have had my kids in this district for 7 years. My oldest son just graduated from UGHS while my daughter is going into the 10th grade there, and my youngest son is joining me here for his 6th grade year. He is excited to finally get here after hearing about the amazing teachers and opportunities that his siblings experienced during their middle school years! Even through the pandemic, my kids were given the best possible education and support from their teachers. 

    We all endured the unexpected events of COVID which brought tribulations and hardships while being isolated for a long period of time. Experts are still trying to measure and determine the long-term effects that it might have caused our students academically, but more importantly, emotionally.  Middle school can already be a challenging time for preteens because it is a huge transitional period with added responsibilities and expectations, so I greatly appreciate being at a school that is focused on the emotional well being of their students. We believe every child is unique and special and my goal is to make them know that. I am constantly amazed by the support that this community gives to each other and I am proud to be a wolverine!