• Hello! I'm Mrs. Withers 


     Withers Family  Paris

    School Email Address: vwithers@henry.k12.ga.us
    Subjects I Teach: AP Literature & Composition and Honors British Literature 
    Clubs I Sponsor: National English Honor Society 

    Greetings Students and Parents!
     Welcome to the 2023-24 school year at Ola High. I cannot wait to meet you all and begin our year. For my seniors, this is your last year at Ola: let's make it memorable and successful. 

    I cannot wait to get to know you all, to learn from you, to laugh with you and to watch you walk across the stage in May 2024.

    Parents and Students, please see the different information on the Summer Extension Page. Please make sure to read the Classroom Expectations of my students and myself before we start school on August 2nd! 

    I cannot wait to 'MEET' you. Until then, read something worthy. 


    All my best, 



  • Summer Extension Assignments

    As I've said earlier, I believe reading is paramount to thinking and understanding the world around you. For your summer extension activities this year, you need to join the Google Classroom Group for your respective course. Once you've joined you will see your assignments. One is viewing a film and doing a thematic study and the other is analysis and reflection of some poems; both of these assignments will be due Friday August 4th. 

    Please make sure to email me any questions you have during the summer and check the classroom periodically for updates and announcements. 


    Thank you! 


    Mrs. W 

  • Students and parents, thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate this new platform and way of interacting and educating you all. It is my belief and practice to make learning engaging, rigorous and applicable to your lives outside of the four walls of OHS. These beliefs and practices won't change whilst learning 'remotely'. Truly what I do in my class is encourage thinking, discussion, and communication of ideas new and old. Learning to work cooperatively and collectively is a skill you will use forever in your life. 

    I believe reading is essential. Reading makes you think; it makes you more in tune to the humanity of the world. Reading is the cornerstone of being the best citizen you can be for your community and the world beyond. You are the future and you must be able to empathize with others in the world and reading teaches you that skill. 

    Expectations of the Student:  

    * Students should complete the work on their own, with their own knowledge unless otherwise noted. Please use my office hours to 'drop in' and ask questions. Utilize Google Meet on Instructional Focus Fridays, email me. 

    * You are REQUIRED to be online for my class a minimum of 60 minutes twice a week with an Instructional Focus/Reteach/Group activity on Fridays.

    *You are REQUIRED to use your Henry County issued Chromebooks during synchronous (online live) instructions, assessments, and group discussions. 

    * Students will sign up for an appointment during Office Hours to discuss grades, get extra help or just to chat. Communication and coversation about grades will not happen during Google Meet time. 

    * Students will check their IC weekly for progress. 

    * Emails will follow Email Protocol (See YouTube video below). 

    Expectation of the Teacher: 

    * I have Office Hours on Mondays and Wednesdays 9:30-10:50. Please use this time to schedule an appointment with me to discuss, review or get extra help. 

    * I will respond to emails by the next business day. Emails sent after 3:00 pm each day will be read the next day and any emails or communication over the weekend will not be attended to until the next business day. 

    * One grade will be posted weekly in IC. 

    * I will maintain and communicate clearly with my students my expectations and assignments. 

    * I will provide a safe and welcoming learning environment; no student will be discriminated against, bullied, or demeaned based on their gender, race, religion or sexual orienation. My classroom, virtual or otherwise, is a designated safe space for all of my students.