• Cruising for Success - Personalized Learning at TES

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    "You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage

    to lose sight of the shore." - Christopher Columbus


    What will personalized learning will look like at TES in 2020?  

    During one part of the day, students will work on Math and English/Language Arts standards while participating in guided math and reading.  This will be accomplished through a flex model in which students look at their individual performance data to set learning goals and work with their teacher to tailor an instructional plan that works best for them. These goals, as well as work samples, will be housed in the Learner Profile.  

    During another part of the day, students will engage in authentic and cross-curricular learning experiences to gain 21st century and life-long learning skills.  Students have clearly identified learning targets and will move through coursework as they demonstrate mastery of each target. Time and place will be flexible while learning is constant. 

    Students will use technology throughout the day to enhance learning, research, collaborate, create, problem solve, and demonstrate mastery.

    We believe students learn best when they are given opportunities to take responsibility for their own learning, have a strong sense of belonging to their school community, and are solving rigorous and relevant real-world problems.