• Now that all students have their Chromebooks here are some helpful information on Device Care :

    Students are responsible for the general care of the device and its associated accessories(such as the battery, and case).

    Chromebooks that are damaged or fail to work properly must be immediately reported to Mrs. Martin our ITP(Instructional Technology Paraprofessional). Her office is located in the Media Center on the left as you enter into the Media Center. Once students reports a technology issue, the ITP will review the request and enter the appropriate repair ticket into the automated repair ticketing system. The ITP will assign a loaner device to the student.

    How to Care for Your Device

    Care of Device at School

    • Bring Your Chromebook fully charged to school each day.

    • Keep your Chromebook in its always-on protective case at all times.

    • Swipe the keyboard to remove debris before closing the lid. Note: Objects left on the keyboard may scratch and potentially break the screen.

    • Lock the screen on the device before walking away or changing classes.

    • Never pile things on top of the device in the bottom of your locker

    Traveling To and From School:

    • Do not leave your Chromebook in a vehicle, especially on the seats.

    • Stolen Chromebooks must be reported to the school immediately and a police report must be filed by the parent.

    Care of Device at Home

    • Charge your Chromebook fully each night. The power adapter should remain at the student’s home.

    • Protect your device from extreme heat, cold, food, drinks, small children, and pets.