• English Department Webinar Schedule 


    Teacher Name              Courses Taught                        Contact                           Weekly Webinar Sessions          Webinar Link

    Amanda Joyner            World Lit/World History/        (470)222-6177              Tuesdays 4-6pm               Click Here to Join Webinar!

                                          Sociology                                                                         Thursdays 11am-1pm             



    Valissa McKennie         American Lit/Study Skills       (678)561-3087              Tues and Thurs 1-3pm      Click HERE to join webinar!

                                                                                                                         Contact for individual appointments  



    Brooke Mavretich         British Literature                    (678)632-3448             Tues and Thurs 8:30-10:30am     Click Here to Join Webinar!



    Karen Camp                 9th Grade Lit/                         (678)632-5392             Thurs 4-6pm                   CLICK Here to Join Webinar!

                                         American Government/                                                     Fri 1-3pm 

                                         AP Language and Comp.


    Lisa Lawson                 English Support          Ms. Lawson's Email Address        Thursdays by Appt.         Click Here to Join Webinar!                 

  • Frequently Asked Questions...


    Can I join any teacher's webinar session if I need to take a test?

    Yes! If you are taking a test for any of the teachers on this schedule in any course for the first time, you can join any English teacher's session in the chart above. If you need to retake a test that you have previously failed, you will need to contact your course instructor and complete your retake in one of their sessions once you have approval. 


    How do I join a webinar? 

    Easy. :) Click on the webinar links beside each teacher's name in the chart above. You do need to be on a lap top or desk top and you need to use Chrome or Firefox as your browser. The teacher conducting the webinar will help you once you join the webinar if you have any questions or need assistance. 


    Do I need a camera or sound?

    Those are nice, but not necessary. :) 


    Are these sessions for tutoring or just test proctoring? 

    The webinar sessions on this page are only for test proctoring. If you need help with an assignment or need to meet with a teacher via webinar for any other reason, you can contact your teacher to schedule an individual webinar for a time that is convenient for you. :)


    Why aren't there any webinars on Mondays or Wednesdays? 

    Mondays and Wednesdays are high school Study Cafe days. Teachers are busy helping students face to face. You can attend cafe to take a test, or you can wait to take your test the following day in a webinar session. 


    What do I do if I am locked on a test, but I need to keep working until the next cafe day or webinar time?

    Contact your teacher ASAP! Text messaging or a phone call are the fastest ways to be moved past a test if you are locked and want to take it at a later time. You can also email your teacher at their Henry County email address or send an SIS message. Be aware, though, that calls and texts are best if you are in a rush. Emails and SIS messages may take 24hrs to get a response during busy times.