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    Learning Hours:  Weekdays 8:05 am - 3:15 pm



    Teacher Name: Ms. Tammekia A. Johnson
    School Email Address: tammekia.johnson@henry.k12.ga.us

     I believe that the classroom should be a safe and caring environment and that every stakeholder, teacher, parent/guardian & students, should embrace these C.O.R.E. values:  


    • Civility (correctness & politeness in behavior & speech)

    • Order (regulation of procedures)

    • Respect (all people, opinions, viewpoints, even if you disagree.)

    • Excellence (the quality of being outstanding or extremely good) 


    COURSE DESCRIPTION: The Language Arts curriculum is designed to introduce students to core concepts that are further developed and expanded as students progress through each grade level.  This process allows students to develop the skills necessary to 1) comprehend and interpret texts, including written, audio and visual texts; 2) compose a variety of texts, including those critical to the workplace; 3) effectively communicate and interact with others in group situations, and 4) effectively communicate information through different modes of presentation.  

    The Language Arts curriculum integrates the process of reading, writing, and listening/speaking to help students effectively communicate and interpret information in various lessons through language and grammar standards, research and writing (Argument and Expository), as well as short stories and writing (Narratives). 

    Suggested Materials:  Class materials play a vital role in a student’s achievement and are essential to all students' success in this class.

    •  Chromebook