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    Teacher Name: Coach Gulsby (Calvin J Gulsby)
                           Erica Caughman (Para Professional)
                           Angela Moore (Para Professional)
    School Email Address: calvin.gulsby@henry.k12.ga.us
    Subjects I Teach: Asperger Study Skills (SPED) 9-10 
    Coach Gulsby   
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        The Asperger Program is techinally considered a self-contained classroom but does not operate necessarily in that fashion. Our class is designed to get our students into the general education setting with a less restrictive environment. We provide a positive and supportive environment for academic, personal, and even social development. With a smaller student-to-teacher ratio, the focus is on social skill development /concerns, and academic success. This less restrictive classroom offers students with varying cognitive abilities, maturity levels, and academic strengths a structured environment with the flexibility of individualized and differentiated instruction. In addition, our students will have the opportunity to utilize technology and gain valuable organizational skills.