• It is time for you to submit nominations for the Spring Semester.  This is the time when we honor those among us who are doing an exceptional job!

    You may nominate as many people as you wish for each category.

    Nominations will be open today through May 22 until 4 p.m.

    Teachers and Staff members can nominate using the links below: 


    The GOLDEN APPLE AWARD goes to a classroom teacher who exemplifies great teaching. To nominate for Golden Apple, click below:




    The SUPER HERO AWARD goes to any staff member who is not a classroom teacher, one who demonstrates dedication, determination, and a superior work ethic. To nominate a Super Hero, click below:



    When submitting nominations, it is key that you nominate in the correct category.  Please nominate by using the links on this page. (Nominations emailed to me can’t be used.)



    Thank you so much for participating in our school recognition program!