Why do we Personalize Learning at OES?

    Our school is committed to building a strong foundation of best instructional practices, using research-based strategies, emphasizing mastery of academic and cross-curricular standards!  We want to empower our students to actively monitor their own progress, celebrate successes, course correct when we fail, reflect and share feedback! We want students to develop as advocates for their own learning needs, developing decision-making skills! We want our students prepared for life beyond school, developing those soft skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity!

    What is Personalized Learning?

    Personalized learning is an instructional model which spotlights strong instructional practices, taking into account students' readiness levels and interests. Within this model, teachers and students work cooperatively to set short and long-term goals, therefore designing a customized learning path.  The learning experiences will challenge students to apply new and previously attained knowledge as they participate in authentic learning experiences, incorporating a technology-enabled curriculum. Personalized Learning gives students a voice as they partner with the teacher, making choices, and taking ownership of their learning. This enhanced learning environment is engaging, relevant, and results in students leaving Ola Elementary School as confident and capable 21st-century learners!  

    What is NOT Personalized Learning?

    Personalized learning is not a computer-based curriculum, or platform, that will replace the teacher’s role and expertise in the classroom setting.


    Our OES Personalized Learning Goals:

    Upon entering middle school, students will have a better understanding of what it means to take ownership of their own learning.  Students will become independent and capable, 21st century, problem-solvers through authentic learning experiences and engaging in a dynamic classroom model while in kindergarten through fifth grade.

    Students and teachers will co-create Learner profiles, highlighting data which will be used to drive instruction based on students’ strengths, weaknesses, interests, and aspirations.   In short, learner profiles are collections of data reflecting a student's academic performance, as well as interests and goals. Students will use their learner profile to reflect on their growth during teacher conferences, parent conferences, and Student Showcase events during the school year.

    Students will participate in authentic learning experiences continually building upon their 21st Century Skills (4 C’s): collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity.