• Locust Grove Elementary Clubs


    Yearbook Club

    SPONSOR: Rainer, Ram, Jones, Nation

    The yearbook club will meet to design the 2022-2023 LGE school yearbook. Responsibilities will include taking pictures, choosing page layouts, and overall design of the LGE yearbook.  Membership will be decided based on an application process and is open to 4th and 5th grade students.


    Dance Club

    SPONSOR: Ram

    The mission of Dance Club is to instill a great love for dance, while expressing creativity, promoting self-confidence, and strengthening persistence.  This club encourages students to work on building social skills and teamwork. The club is open to 4th and 5th grade students.


    Fitness Club

    SPONSOR: McCall

    Wildcat Fitness Club is a club for 4th and 5th grade students that is designed to empower kids in a fun and energetic environment to enjoy movement and exercise. This club encourages students to work on building confidence and implementing healthy lifestyle habits. 


    Challenge 24 Club 

    SPONSOR: Jones

    The goal of the Challenge 24 Club is to allow students to build math fluency through playing the game Challenge 24. This club is open for 3rd-5th grade students. 4th and 5th grade students are allowed to compete in the district competition towards the end of the school year.




    Reading Bowl Club

    SPONSORS: Shirah, Campisi, A. Miller

    The Reading Bowl is a group of advanced 4th and 5th grade readers who will compete in the Henry County Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl on a Saturday in January.  The team is limited to 5-10 students who are expected to read all 10 of the reading bowl books and become an expert on them.  Students participating in the reading bowl will need to be at school 2 days a week at 7:15 for practice. Membership will be decided based on an application process.


    Kindness Club  

    SPONSORS: Anderson, Jones, Rainer, Hatcher

    The goal of the Kindness Club is to help students see that kindness is a way to encourage those around them in their school and community. The club is open to 3rd through 5th grade students and they will participate in monthly acts of kindness projects/activities.


    Girl Power 

    SPONSORS: Anderson, McCall, Miliam

    The mission of Girl Power is to empower, uplift, educate and motivate young 3rd through 5th grade girls to strive for excellence in all areas of their lives while believing in themselves during the process. These girls will be educated on various topics ranging from etiquette, health and fitness to career readiness.


    Young Men of Distinction 

    SPONSORS: Dorton, Brown, Smith

    Young Men of Distinction is a mentoring group for 3rd through 5th grade boys at Locust Grove Elementary who have the privilege of being a part of this group through teacher's recommendation. YMD meets twice a month.  The primary areas of focus for YMD are academic, social skills, community service and physical fitness.  Athletic/fun activities are incorporated to keep the young people motivated and service to others is constantly taught and expected.  Mr. Brown, Mr. Dorton and Mr. Smith, are the sponsors of the YMD program. Some activities the group participates in include bi-weekly physical fitness, tie tying lessons, and discussions about various professional topics such as "Dress for Success Wednesdays. Membership will be decided based on an application process. 


    Beta Club 

    SPONSORS: Tolbert, Ram, McCall

    The National Beta Club recognizes high academic achievement, promotes character and social responsibility, encourages service involvement to school and community, fosters leadership skills, and provides settings for your child to develop interpersonal relationship skills.  Membership will be decided based on an application process and is open to 4th and 5th grade students.


    LGE Wildcat Chorus Club

    SPONSORS: Roberts, Miliam

    The LGE Wildcat Chorus serves as a club for third through fifth grade students who share the joy of singing and performing. In this club, students will learn how to properly care for their voice, enhance teamwork skills, make beautiful music, and have fun!


    STEM Club 

    SPONSOR: Carr

    For the 1st semester, we will be focusing on Robotics and Coding for grades 3rd – 5th. Students will explore and collaborate on STEM Labs and independent activities that involve designing challenges that relate back to interdisciplinary subjects such as science and math. 

     For the 2nd semester, our focus will be expanding interdisciplinary learning using Robotics for grades K-2nd. These additional activities for students will enrich their STEM learning and relate back to math as well as science. 


    Volleyball Club 

    SPONSOR: Carr

    This club will take place during 2nd semester and will be offered to 4th and 5th graders. Students will learn the fundamentals of volleyball and will work closely with some of the LGHS students on the Lady Wildcat Volleyball Team.