• Hello and welcome to the 2023-2024 school year. Ms.King and I are so excited to have your student in our class.  I will be your student's case manager and teacher.  Your student will have Ms. King, our paraprofessional, and myself for all core classes and possibly a Social Skills class.  Typically, the core classes are the first 4 periods of the day with Social Skills and electives being in the afternoon. Below is a suggested list of supplies for teh school year:  

    1.  2” binder with 7 dividers for each class. 
    2.  Markers, pencils, pens, color pencils 
    3.  Notebook paper
    4.  Hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes
    5.  Snacks 
    6.  Storage container for their supplies 
    7.  Water bottle 

    Ms. King and I are planning to give the students a variety of projects throughout the year, therefore, we may reach out to you with donation opportunities 😁. And speaking of donation opportunities, if you’d like to donate any of the following, they would graciously be accepted. 




    Hand Sanitizer 

    Paper towels 

    Clorox wipes

    Snacks for class

    We will accept anything you would like to donate. 😁


    If I have not answered any of your questions, please reach out so I may assist you. 


    I feel it in my bones that we’re going to have an amazing year!! I almost forgot to mention, you will be invited into our Google classroom (we will use it periodically).