• School Counseling Mission:

    The mission of the school counseling program is to provide every student with a comprehensive school counseling program which focuses on successful learning through their growth in academic career and social emotional domains. We will partner with students, staff, and parents to provide a flexible, standards-based, rigorous learning environment for Henry County Schools' students.


    School Counseling Vision:

    All students can learn, but some students can learn better with added flexibility.

    All students should be college and career ready by graduation.

    All students should have access to a highly effective teacher and a highly quality curriculum.


    SMART Goal (academic):

    To increase the number of student virtual participation by 3% by the conclusion of Fall Semester. Student virtual participation includes the camera being on, verbal participation in class discussions and work completion during instruction. 

    SMART Goal (behavior):

    To decrease the number of referrals for conflicts between students by 3%. Students will learn more appropriate conflict-resolution skills to improve their communication with each other.