•  Tips To Avoid Being Late To School

    Fairview is committed to "Soaring to Excellence"!  In order to honor this commitment, we need EVERY CHILD to be here every day on time.  On time means this: Your child should be in the classroom, seated, and ready to start the day at 7:45.  Ideally, all students need to be on campus much earlier than 7:45.  We start classroom activities, carry out morning procedures, check student work, and do some one-on-one instruction with students prior to 7:45.  So if your child is late, they miss out on great opportunities in the classroom!  Also, they start the day off feeling rushed, anxious, and a bit behind those who were here earlier.  We actually open the school doors at 7:05; however, teachers do not report until 7:20.  Please be aware that if your child comes through the doors after the 7:45 bell rings, THEY ARE LATE and must be accompanied by a parent.  

    Here are some tips to avoid being late:

    1. Make sure your child has everything together before leaving the house the night before.

    2. Leave 10 minutes earlier when there is bad weather.

    3. Get your child an alarm clock and begin to train him or her to be responsible for rising when the alarm goes off.

    4. Don't EVER let a child wait until the morning to do homework, get papers signed, or pack a lunch.

    5. Choose and lay out clothing for the next day before going to bed.

    6. If you simply cannot get your child here on time, please consider having him or her ride the school bus.

    "For Our Learning to Grow, Our Absences (and tardies) Must Be Low!"